Our Mission Statement

The mission of the CAC is to be a center of excellence that services child victims of sexual and physical abuse. The assessment and treatment services will be provided in a supportive environment with the best professional standards that optimize positive outcomes and reduce trauma.

Our Vision

  • That all children who are victims of sexual and physical abuse have advocates and resources provided to them.
  • That all law enforcement agencies in our geographical service area use the Children’s Advocacy Center.
  • That all involved agencies harmoniously work together for the sake of the children we serve.
  • To see the justice system recognize an increase in successful prosecution of physical and sexual child abuse cases.
  • To see a reduction in the placement of children by child protection agencies from their homes because of a reduction of abuse in our community.

Our Goals

The overall goal of the center is to ensure that children are not victimized again by the very system designed to protect them by offering:

  • Child appropriate/child friendly facility
  • A multidisciplinary team
  • Organizational capacity
  • Cultural competency and diversity
  • Medical intervention
  • Forensic interviews
  • Therapeutic intervention
  • Victim support and advocacy
  • Case review, tracking and high standards of care

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Who We Are

The Children’s Advocacy Center is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the East San Gabriel Valley and Pomona Valley in Los Angeles County in the assessment and treatment of child abuse. The Center is conveniently located in downtown Pomona, CA, bordered by our child protection, medical, district attorneys, law enforcement and mental health partners.

The CAC uniquely provides video and audiotaped child forensic interviews, professional case management and follow-up for counseling and other services, and coordination / case review with the forensic medical evaluation, law enforcement and prosecution team members.

By providing these services to children, they can much more quickly return to normal lives, the joys of childhood and the promise of a full, successful life — free of abuse.  Additionally, the video and audio taped interviews elicit valuable information which has dramatically increased the plea-bargained convictions of perpetrators of these horrific crimes, releasing the child from the further trauma of court testimony.